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Studio Dot
Synonym for creative development and design

As industry professionals, we strongly believe that any business cannot be successful nowadays without strong online presence… With our knowledge of advertisement across all main native ads networks, as well as social network advertisement, we can help your business grow in short period of time, simply by connecting you with potential clients and customers.


Studio Dot offers wide range of Web Development services as well as all possible services regarding Online Marketing. With knowledge accumulated over past decade, we are ready to take your business to the next level.

Website Design

Having a well designed and professional website is essential when it comes to creating a serious brand that can compete on today's market

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Web Development

Development is something that is of utmost importance to us, and it is also something that will separate your brand from the rest

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SEO Optimization

SEO is important for every website and it can be a great way to reach potential customers. Our team will help you get to the top

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Online Marketing

Whether you want to advertise on social network, or native ad network, with our experience we can help your company reach customers around the world.

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What Makes Us Different

When it comes to web design, we’re right at the top. Studio Dot offers latest services in all areas of industry. With our talented team, we can take on anything from building complex websites, to logo, banner, and ad design, and we do all that at affordable prices.

We are creative

We’ll give your company an original and fresh look that will help it stand out in today's market

Dedicated support team

If you ever experience any issues, we got your back, our team will respond to your problem in 24 hours or less

Full Integration

As a leader in our field, we're able to extensively integrate every website through social networks, SEO, etc.

Responsive Design

On both Mobile & Desktop


Every project we create has cutting edge design and highest usability standards


Every website we create adjusts automatically to different mobile devices


Because every website is mobile friendly, there will be less maintenance

Retina Ready

Content will ultimately sharp because more pixels will be displayed per square inch


We'll ensure the content consistency through all different types of devices


Integration of Accelerated Mobile Pages mean that your website will be favored by Google

We create beautiful things

In Internet world we are the bridge that connects your company with potential customers

Let’s start with your project

We’ll help you achieve your business goals at the fraction of the price.