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Our Story

Studio Dot is small yet powerful company of creative enthusiasts gathered around an idea of turning passion into business. We develop, design, advertise, write, and publish great and interesting content, and we do it successfully, since 2007. We utilize latest technologies to create web applications focused on design, quality, innovation and performance.

Our websites are ultimate daily sources of information for people interested in Kitchen, Food and Drink, Health, Automotive and Showbizz topics. Beside that, we just love to use WordPress, and we are currently working on releasing our first premium theme, which, we ensure you, will rock!!!


Our philosophy is to create affordable, professional and hustle free environment for our customers. Whether you’re a small business, or already established company, we can excel your business to the next level with our already prove techniques.


Our mission is to excel every business that comes to us through branding and advertisement campaigns creating overall better appeal and online presence to reach more potential customers. We strive to better each business we work with, and we’ve been extremely successful for over a decade.


Realizing the importance of great design, we’ve created team of dedicated designers to work on all of our projects. Design is essential part of every business, brand, or company, that’s why we have some of the finest talents to create some of the best designed projects out there. Our goal is to express our creativity through stunning web design.


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of every business. It is something that will make or break your company. Our experienced marketing team will help you advertise on all popular native ad networks. We will also help you integrate your business through social networks and search engines, and we’ll do all that on budget.


As a leading web development company Studio Dot can help you create high performance, user friendly web applications that will stand out from the rest. Each one of our project supports different devices and it is highly optimized to maximize the performance.

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